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New Book from Holly Elissa Bruno!
March 18, 2020
I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.
-Hafiz of Shiraz

Beloved speaker and author, Holly Elissa Bruno, has just written a new book with the intention of providing inspiration to all who have had to deal with challenges in their lives (perhaps all of us?) – and to all early childhood educators who support children affected by adverse childhood experiences. She explains:

“Learning from trauma, even admitting we were traumatized or that our lives have not been as seamless as they appear is difficult…You know a traumatized person. Or several. You may be one. Trauma can terrorize at any age. Surgery is trauma. Loss is trauma. Trauma is an abrupt, life-stopping moment of being threatened with extinction.”

She offers hope that trauma can actually be a path to growth and strength:
“Witness our resilience,” she writes. “Trauma faced has become our spiritual guide home…

Walk beside me through the streets? We don’t have to run. Happiness is patient and devoted to finding us.”

Happiness is Running Through
the Streets to Find You

Translating Trauma's Harsh Legacy into Healing

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Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You is a personal memoir of author Holly Elissa Bruno. She shares her childhood experience of trauma and abuse with you to offer a beacon of hope and a tangible example of how you can make a positive difference in the world and most of all, in the lives of children.

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