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How Will We Be Changed? Monday Words of Support
April 27, 2020
In a real sense all life is inter-related…Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be…This is the inter-related structure of reality.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Message from Nancy Rosenow, Exchange’s Publisher:

Here we are again beginning a new week, holding on to each other as we navigate a time of too many changes too quickly. If you feel thrown off balance, I am with you. I do, too. And, at the same time, I am beginning to see glimmers of hope that there could be something valuable emerging, even as we grieve and worry. Three of my friends sent me this youtube clip. Take a look:


When I watched this the first time, I was left with two questions:

1. Could this very challenging situation also be giving us opportunities to redefine ourselves as kinder, more compassionate human beings?

2. Are there strengths inside me I haven’t cultivated before? What might be my opportunities to serve more?

If no one has told you lately, the work you do each day, in whatever way you serve children and families and the early education community, is vital, and appreciated and righteous. Thank you.

Take good care of you,

P.S. Early Childhood Investigations created a webinar to help child care directors and owners with COVID-19 related financial strategies. If this might be useful for you, here’s the link:

COVID-19 Financial Survival Strategies for Early Childhood Programs: Emergent Resources and Advice


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Pam Stinson · April 27, 2020
kids world sunset
bellingham, washington, United States

memorable, thoughtful, and encouraging. thank you.

Mickey Sue Ollhoff · April 27, 2020
Rose Bud, AR, United States

This video, reinforced poignant thoughts of lost opportunities. Some years ago, as a Sunday School teacher, God laid it on my heart "If you love someone , tell them." Too often, I think, we are afraid to say the 'L' word. We must remember there are different types of love so love for our fellow man should not make us ashamed but make us joyous and willing to share that with the world.

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