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Building Teacher Confidence about Inclusion
December 11, 2020
If you always try to be 'normal,' you will never know how amazing you can be.
-Maya Angelou

"Building Confidence for Inclusion," is the title of the latest Exchange Reflections. It is based on an article by Christy Jones-Hudson, where she describes her journey over the years to develop "a high level of confidence and assuredness when serving children with disabilities and their families."

She outlines "five action steps toward increasing confidence when working with children with disabilities," including:

  1. Switch to an inclusive mindset;
  2. Explore the root of your fear;
  3. Visit other sites;
  4. Secure a mentor;
  5. Research.

Throughout the article she provides much food-for-thought about each action step, and explains:

"What you need to know, though, is with any skill, growth will take time. Sometimes you will need to forgive yourself for not being perfect. We will never have all the answers, yet in the field of early childhood education, motivation and determination are huge factors. Be motivated to overcome any fears you may have. Know that enrolling and serving a diverse student body with various developmental needs makes you a stronger and more confident provider."

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