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Creating Authentic Art with Children
December 16, 2021
I personally find inspiration in life’s 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows….Part of the artist’s temperament is that inspiration is possible in all things.
-Marc Bamuthi Joseph, poet, dancer, playwright and educator

In the beautiful dual-language book, Treasures in the Thicket | Tesoros en el monte, one of the authors, Rosalina Rodriguez, reminds us how children’s art can be a window into their souls:

"When I look at the children’s paintings," says Rosalina, "I feel I can see the way they view the world."

This delightful book, which actually includes a complete copy of the children’s collaborative book, provides great insight into how to support children’s authentic self-expression through art.

The authors write:
"Although the paintings children created for the book were of animals, in some ways they were also self-portraits. Children painted windows into their ways of seeing, into their ideas, and into their identities…
We have found over the years that the impressions and possibilities glimpsed when we open our eyes in this way to children’s art offer us connections to children that serve us in our daily work."

Treasures in the Thicket | Tesoros en el monte

When you purchase Treasures in the Thicket |Tesoros en el monte, you will get the book, Modelando: Modeling with Children Under Six Years Old, FREE. No coupon code required!

Explore children's creative process and the treasures revealed through their educator's insights as they develop their representational expression of values and culture. Written by an educator in a Spanish immersion preschool, this tender, visually engaging book includes Spanish and English text.

Treasures in the Thicket is part of the Reimagining Our Work (ROW) collection. Use the ROW collection to discover how early childhood educators in the field are reimagining their work and thinking alongside children.

Offer valid through December 17, 2021 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.
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