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Even More Mystery Favorites
February 10, 2003

"Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work."
‚Ä"H. L. Hunt


Here are some more of our readers' suggestions on mystery novels and authors they enjoy (sorry we can't include everyone's comments, but we've eliminated duplicate recommendations):

Betsey Garfinkel, Natick, Massachusetts: "As an avid mystery reader I have taken note of all of the suggestions, here are a few more; Sharan Newman writes great mysteries that take place in the days of the crusades, Anne Perry writes the Thomas and Charlotte mystery series occurring at the turn of the century - they are a great pair. Then there is Marcia Muller who writes about a private detective; JA Jance has a Joanna Brady series - she is a sheriff who takes over after her husband is killed; and finally Faye Kellerman writes about Peter Denker, a detective who marries an Orthodox Jewish woman and her husband Jonathan Kellerman writes about a child psychologist. I only wish I had more time to read."

Sharon R. Jackson, College Station, Texas: The Margaret Truman books (which I think are wonderful), and don't forget that Elliot Roosevelt also wrote a number of great mysteries which often have his mom, Eleanor as a character! Also, didn't see Dirk Francis and his detailed horse mysteries listed."

Linda Wagner, Greensburg, Pennsylvania: "I've been a mystery buff almost as long as I've been an early childhood educator -- going on 30 years. Looks like there's research study potential here connecting early childhood education with mystery literature! Because I also love cats, my favorite mystery series of course is that written by Lillian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who… etc. She usually writes a book a year, with it going into paperback the following year; I think there’s close to 30 in the series by now."

Stephanie Feeney, Honolulu, Hawaii: "I have read mysteries, especially those with women heroines for years (it probably started in pre-adolescence with Nancy Drew). I found that there was an early childhood penchant for these books from Lare (from Alaska). I still have, from years ago, her long list of women detective stories. My favorites are the English classics: PD James, Dorothy Sayers and Josephine Tey; the Native American detectives Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee from Tony Hillerman's wonderful, culturally rich stories about the Southwest (now the first American works on PBS Mystery series), and Laurie R. King's mysteries (starting with The Beekeeper) that give Sherlock Holmes a young woman colleague. From the hard-boiled lady detective school I like Marcia Muller's Northern California stories featuring private investigator Sharon McCone. Thanks for starting this conversation. It is a good break from grading papers."

Betty Pearsall, Flushing, New York: "I too thought I was the only one who loved to read mystery books. This article was a nice break from thoughts of 'whodunit' in the child care center. Thanks. I love Sue Grafton's A,B,C mystery books!"  
Toni Healey, Huntingtown, Maryland: "I loved the suggested mystery authors.  I too love mysteries.  My favorite author is P.D. James.  It's been awhile since I read her books and cannot remember titles."  

Sharon Adams: "I enjoy Lillian Jackson Braun mysteries as well as Rita Mae Brown. Mysteries have always been a favorite since the Bobsey twins."

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